What Should I Review First?

So many things I want to say and so many things that need to be said.

The slap chop is a waste of $15. The movie Pacific Rim was better than I expected. Leaving your dog in a hot car with the windows up and no AC on makes you a horrible person.

There is so much to say, maybe I went a little overboard with the term “stuff”. Should I review books? Movies? Games?

Would anyone really be interested in anything I say if I don’t have a central point to my blog other than reviewing things?

Well, I don’t care about that too much. Really I made this for me as a place to vent, but I also like trying to help people in deciding whether they should waste their time/money/effort on things.

I might consider reviewing life events, like “Do you really have to keep to a traditional and expensive wedding?” or “Surviving pregnancy” (I just had a baby so this ones on my mind a little).

Over all I’m just going to right about stuff and things and see where it goes. Hopefully you find my blog entertaining. I don’t plan on making it too serious unless something upsets me. Like buying something for $200 and it breaking after the first couple days (I’m talking about you stroller I bought on amazon).

Anyway, I’ll be working on some ideas, might post today or tomorrow with my first review. Thanks for reading.